The secret recipe to enhance your natural beauty this festive season

The Secret Recipe

The season of gorging on sweets and spending long nights enjoying time with loved ones is here again. And let’s admit it, you can hardly contain your excitement to shop for new clothes and jewellery. However, between those shopping sprees and hectic work routine, you might end up looking like a withered flower. And the skin probably loses the charm it should have during the celebration. But we got a handful of natural skincare methods which can save your skin from fading away for this year’s celebration.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Repeat.

This holy ritual is a given, if you want a healthy-looking skin for your festive celebrations. After a tiring day of shopping and socializing, implementing this skincare regime in your night schedule can give you wondrous results. So, you better add a natural cleanser, alcohol-free toner, some cotton wipes and your favorite moisturizer in your shopping list.

Many working women do not get the privilege of following a skincare routine due to the non-stop travelling for their job. But you can always pack a skincare travel kit to avoid the harmful effects of cheap hotel toiletries.

A quick cleansing tip:

Buy small travel bottles and pour your skincare essentials from big product bottles sitting idly on your dresser at home. This smart move can help you save some extra bucks when you travel.

Lastly, remember that consistency is the key to a glowing skin, so follow these easy steps every day regardless of a hectic schedule.

Befriend the sunscreen lotion

It’s very easy to forget about how damaging UV rays are. But keeping a sunscreen in your handbag can help you avoid discoloration. So, pick up a sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or SPF 30 (depending on your city’s weather conditions) and keep your skin tone even.

A secret sunscreen tip:

Opt for a mineral sunscreen lotion to avoid the harmful effects of chemical sunscreens.

Apart from this, you can also apply a matte sunscreen lotion if you are not a big fan of the oily feeling of normal sunscreen. The effects of this lotion not only save you from harsh sun rays but also leaves a foundation like finishing.

Eat smart, eat right

This advice might sound like a white blanket but too much of sweet and fried food can lead to a sudden breakout. And that is the last thing we want during our precious holidays. Of course, there will be makeup to hide the aftermath of eating too much deep-fried food. But those delicious delicacies also comes with weight gain and dull skin complexion which makeup won’t be able to hide.

You can easily avoid festive food by eating fresh fruits or mouthwatering smoothies. (and by taking only a small portion of sweets every time your relatives offers you them) This smart move will save your skin in two ways. First, fruits are natural skin food to have a healthy complexion, so your skin will glow beautifully under any light. And second, water-rich fruits like coconut and watermelon keep your body hydrated while you are running errands.

Load your dresser with Vitamin C

Natural goods which are rich with Vitamin C works as an elixir for the skin. As you go back and forth from the market for festive shopping, you face the sun most. Although, sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays but the air pollution affects our skin as well. For example, dust and particles from traffic pollution penetrate your skin pores and can lead to dull, aged skin. But you can easily clean your pores from the inside out with a Vitamin C facial at home. From cleaning pores to reversing the ageing effects, Vitamin C gives you a bright and youthful look for the festive celebrations.

Apart from these skin care methods, you can try many DIY techniques at home to have naturally beautiful skin. But if your busy schedule does not allow them, you can always opt for natural skin care goodies specially curated to take care of you.


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