The Flip Side of Everyday Skincare Product Ingredients

skincare product ingredients

Skincare is not an easy game. You need to take care of little things like sleeping at least 8 hours, drinking plenty of water, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and so on. Also, you might be choosing each skincare product carefully based on your skin type, since it is necessary for an effective and desired result. But have you ever looked on the backside of the product you buy every month?

When you flip the product, you will see ingredients, direction to use and other disclaimers by the manufacturing company. Out of which, ingredients help you understand the product better because some of them can damage your natural skin. Moreover, some of the ingredients are only understandable by a dermatologist or a doctor. Yet again, you can always read and learn about common ingredients to include in your skincare regime:

Include these rich ingredients

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most potent ingredients to use for healthy skin. This antioxidant is known for active collagen production and fights acne easily. For years, you might have heard the benefits of Vitamin C rich fruits but you should look for this ingredient in your daily skincare products too. The reason is simple, direct application of such products provides protection from UV rays, treats dark spots, reduces the signs of ageing and ultimately brightens up your skin. Vitamin C has various forms and names of those are different too. Some common names are Ethyl Ascorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, etc. So look out for these names on the ingredient list.


  • Salicylic acid

Most people are scared of the name acid but some of the tested and gentle acids are good for acne-prone skin. One such ingredient is Salicylic acid which is a proven acne fighter. Known for its tender properties, salicylic acid removes unwanted spots on the skin in a matter of days or sometimes months. And to use it effectively, search for this ingredient in cleansers or a face wash.


  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

If you have extremely dry skin then hyaluronic acid can provide the right amount of hydration. Despite being an acid, this ingredient is a potent moisturizer and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from these skincare benefits, hyaluronic acid boosts skin elasticity making your skin baby soft over time.


  • Zinc oxide

Switch to the natural mineral side when you buy a sunscreen lotion. Normally, traditional sunscreen lotions make your skin absorb the harmful sun rays. But sunblock with active zinc oxide creates a shield between UV rays and your skin. It deflects the sun rays and keeps your natural skin intact.


Avoid these harmful ingredients

  • Sulphate

This ingredient is basically a detergent. You will see a high amount of Sulphate in hand wash liquid, washing powder and utensils’ wash powder. But there is no denying that many big brands use this ingredient to effectively clean the body. Everyone should avoid this ingredient in their skin care products because it strips off the natural oils of the skin. Also, heavy amount of sulfate found in hair care products should be avoided too because they make your hair dry & brittle.


  • Parabens

You might have read or heard about not using paraben but regardless you use the product from your favourite brand. But do you know paraben can mimic the estrogen levels and can cause hormonal imbalance if used regularly? Paraben might be a preservative but a chemical is a chemical in the end. Some studies have also stated Parabens to be potent carcinogens.


  • Silicones

Silicone is a combination of rubber and liquid plastic which prevents other ingredients from absorbing. Moreover, it blocks the pores from emptying the dirt and disrupts natural skin process. And in the longer run, silicone promotes acne and dehydration of the skin. So, watch out for it in skin care products. Common names for silicones: Dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone, etc.


  • Mineral Oil

Also known as petrolatum, mineral oils are a deodorant version of either kerosene, diesel, or gasoline. Just imagine, the petroleum you use in your vehicle is present in your skincare products as well, horrifying isn’t it? Mineral oils cause skin irritations and interrupt the renewal of cell. Hence, it is necessary to avoid this ingredient at all cost. Mineral Oils are commonly used in hair oils as cheap fillers to reduce product costs.


  • Paraffin Wax

Or also known as Light Liquid Paraffin, is another form of petrolatum that is used in many moisturizers & body lotions. They are very harmful for the skin and should be avoided at all costs.

Now you know the wonderful and harmful side of each ingredient available in the product you are using. So, what’s your choice to save your naturally beautiful skin?


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