Save the hair this monsoon!

Save the hair this monsoon!

I got to know in my Grade 5 that our nation is blessed by an angel which flows as an esoteric winds every mid year. And that is why Indians are always so obsessed to the monsoons. Today, for the first time this year, I saw the droplets tripping down the roof and the cool winds encumbering my face and swiftly taking its pace through my crowning glory. It seemed that my hair was enchanted too as all my Indian mates. But that was not case. It’s sad to know how we forestall us enjoying the downpour just because we all love lengthy and healthy manes.

But there is a way out (literally I mean). Exotic Flowers hair care range by Herb Island will guard your lovely locks through a moisturising anti-dandruff shampoo and a hair revitalising & shine conditioner. All the way down from Europe and Siberia, the perennial herbs of Arnica with its anti-inflammatory characteristics revives your scalp and vitalize the hair follicles which by the way synergize your hair and makes them tameable in monsoons. Also, it exhausts your overriding oil glands in scalp to a great extent and helps thereby in eradicating dirt and oil therefore rescinding dandruff and itchiness. The high value of Arnica is augmented to anti-bacterial Echinacea or also known as Coneflower that makes you feel bushy again. It works by spawning blood circulation to the loose follicles.

Therefore, instead of going short on your hair or buying wide tooth Combs, free yourself and just step out equanimously and enjoy the downpour. Because Herb Island’s Exotic Flowers, like monsoon winds, will bring alive the greens and drive away the blues.

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