reasons to go all-natural for your precious skin

Natural Products

Have you ever left your home without applying sunscreen lotion? And have you ever washed your face with just water after coming back home? No, because your skin is too precious to face the damaging UV rays and dusty outside air. You realize the importance of protecting your skin and using products with proven results only. Always so careful, but have you ever checked the number of chemicals used in your everyday skincare products? If no, then you should be alarmed because most skincare brands use many substances which might be harmful for your skin as well as your body.

The easiest way to identify the ingredients of any product is by reading the description given on the back panel of the packaging. However, you might not understand all the terminologies written unless you are a doctor or a dermatologist. Although there is a way to save your skin from harmful substances and that is by using only natural skincare products.

Skincare products which are rich in natural ingredients are the perfect alternative to save your skin. Normally, natural skincare products go under minimal or no chemical process to obtain the final produce. Hence, the processed natural ingredients stay rich until you empty the bottle. Apart from this, your skin will also love the following reasons to go all-natural:


The power of active ingredients

Active ingredients simply mean fresh ingredients which expire or lose their magical touch after a stipulated time. Typically, a natural skincare product contains 80%-90% of natural active ingredients. This is essential because these factors help you feel the amazing effects of each ingredient. But do remember, just like nature, natural products also require time to help your skin bloom beautifully. So be consistent and trust the natural process.


 Be gentle and avoid irritants

Sometimes, active chemicals of everyday products can go wrong on your skin. For example, some chemically infused products when exposed to natural sunlight for too long can result in sudden breakouts, redness or irritation. But on the other hand, rich in natural ingredients product rarely leave any harmful effects because they come from the earth itself.


Your skin’s absorbing power

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), your skin slowly absorbs the skincare products. But even the slow absorption of artificial ingredients can enter the bloodstream over time and can result in chronic diseases. So, opt for natural ingredients which are healthy for your body inside out.


 Understand the meaning of hypo-allergenic

If you have overly dry or oily skin, then you have hypo-allergenic skin. Many people with these types of skin find it difficult to have perfectly suitable products. The reason being, chemically infused products can give skin allergies. But rich in natural ingredient products are always gentle on the skin. However, some people are allergic to a specific natural component as well. So, if you are one of them, then you should always do aptch test before using a natural product.


Reduce the load of toxins

Day by day, various kinds of pollution are increasing and lest forget global warming. If we are facing these toxic environments every day, then why apply more toxic chemicals on our skin? For example, everyday traffic pollution leaves dust and dark patches on our face which leads to sudden breakouts. And you might not know which chemical from your cleanser or toner will react to a vehicle’s waste stuck to your face.


Natural products are cruelty-free

For years, we have seen the beauty industry in the news for using animals to test their products. Of course, they do it to make their product safe for humans. But the countless tests run on innocent animals are proven fatal and resulted in many deaths. There are many organizations now, which work for animal protection. So, we should also do our share to care for animals by opting natural skincare products which do not require animal testing.


Balancing the environment

Chemically infused skincare products harm not only your skin but the core of the earth as well. For years, big skincare brands are emptying chemical waste of manufacturing process on the surface of the earth. So, when you buy a natural ingredient that small decision over a long time, helps preserve the environment. And helps you live harmoniously with nature.


Tested by the time

Before the discovery of chemicals which enhances skin’s beauty, women used to apply natural ingredients to beautify their skin and hair. So, why not use them now as well? Even now, many skincare brands use Ayurvedic methods to give the best of earthy elements. And do you know, Ayurveda contains 5000 years old knowledge to be our healthiest self.


Curated to care

Today’s young generations are adopting an adult’s habits faster than ever. From ordering fast food on the app to going to a salon for a haircut, they copy what you as a parent or role model do. And these habits also include the use of personal care products such as bathing soap, moisturizers and cleansers. Moreover, children’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s skin. So, set an example for your kids and use only natural skincare products which are curated to care for every skin type.


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