Placate your hair this Monsoon!

Placate your hair this Monsoon!

If I tell a scientist that I may give him a potion loaded with antioxidants, linoelic acid and omegs-6 fatty acids for one’s haircare, then they will not even blink for a second before accepting it. It is a true story that goats used to climb the Argan trees to fetch the fruit as it was highly nutritious.

Herb Island’s Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Nourishing Serum is a best fit for your hair this monsoon if frizziness is making your hair untameable and insipid. We, at Herb Island, very well know how it feels when you loose the definite structure and the smoothness of your flaxen or blond hair. Therefore, the serum perfectly guards your hair from moisture going into the cuticle layer of your hair strand. It helps your hair lay flat through your shoulders and thwarts any entanglement. Also, the consummate amount of Argan oil used in the serum prevents over drying of the cuticle.

Well if you love styling your mane every other day, then the Argan Hair Serum is your saviour! Because it will protect your luscious locks from the heat of styling products like straightner & curler as well as shield them from harsh sun, pollution & dust. So we are sure you will love this all-in-one solution for your hair.

There was an era in 600 BC when using Argan oil for hair was a ritual. Let’s make it a ritual one again!

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