Hair Care Guide to Deal with Monsoon Blues & Frizz

Monsoon Hair Care Guide

The season of steaming hot chai, fritters and letting loose has finally come knocking on our door. But with that, monsoon also brought along some problems for our skin and hair. It’s no secret that a lot of us love to go out in the rain, whether for a walk or for a drive. Although what we tend to forget is that those raindrops store toxins due to the air pollutants. For that very
reason, the city rains are also known as acid rain and have affected not only nature but also our hair and skin. One of the most common misconceptions is that wet hair restores the hydration balance. Whereas in reality, humidity after downpour dries off the hair completely. The rain also washes off the natural oils from the scalp. The excessive humidity leaves us with an uncalled-for afro which is suitable only to attend a party with a 90s hip-hop theme. However, worry not! Herb Island has an easy monsoon hair care routine for every hair type and will leave you with silky, healthy and nourished locks.

Good Ol’ Champi with Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Oil

They don’t joke around when people say “old is gold.” Despite being an age-old technique, hot oil massages are one of the most effective methods to naturally condition the hair. So, pick up Herb Island’s Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Oil and sit down for a nice long ‘champi’ session to lock the natural oils of your mane. This traditional method combined with Herb Island’s raw earthy ingredients nourishes the hair from root to tip. The ayurvedic blend strengthens your roots and reduces the monsoon hair fall meanwhile reducing frizz naturally.

Love Your Hair Berry Much with Forest Berries Shampoo

As much as we try, avoiding rain every single day is inevitable because either we continuously travel to and from the office or the market. Due to that, our hair gets exposed to rainwater along with the general dust and pollution. Thus, it is essential to take extra care of our hair during monsoons. And that is exactly where Herb Island’s Forest Berries Shampoo swoops into your
rescue. The enticing fragrance of this hair cleansing shampoo is refreshing and the well-blended raw ingredients gently cleanse our hair of dust leaving the scalp clean and fresh. This natural formula by Herb Island does not contain sulfate so even the curly-haired girls can use it daily.

Be Frizz-Free with Forest Berries Conditioner

Irrespective of our hair type, none of us wish for us to look like they are right out of the Amazonian forest. And monsoons definitely don’t help the cause. So, why the fuss over frizzy hair when we can set our hair free from frizz with the right conditioner and conditioning method. Take a generous amount of Herb Island’s Forest Berries Conditioner and apply heavily on the tips and work your way lightly up to the crown area. Remember though, never apply any conditioner on your scalp as it tends to weaken the hair roots. Now, that you’ve kept the conditioner in for roughly 2-3 mins go onto rinse your hair properly. The fusion of berries that are loaded with Vitamins C, B1, B3, B6 and long-lasting earthy aroma is bound to protect your hair from
humidity. And of course, will kiss the frizziness away.

Deal with the Day-3 Mane Problem with Morrocan Argan Oil Hair Serum

It’s almost dramatic how our hair is constantly dealing with enemies. After two days of hair wash and fight with the monsoon wind, we are forced to tie our hair up. But if you too want to keep ‘em flowing then reach out to Herb Island’s Morrocan Argan Oil Hair Serum. Made from pure Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil, this hair serum by Herb Island gives a natural shine to your hair and keeps them frizz-free even on the 3rd day after hair wash.

Some quick hair care tips by Karishma, co-founder of Herb Island for healthy hair in every season: wash your hair
every third day to maintain the PH level of your scalp as too much shampooing can damage you
hair, never ever tie up your hair tightly, use a satin pillow cover while sleeping, and eat your veggies
properly, ladies!

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