Herb Island is a company that treasures nature. We believe in fair trading practices, and care for our consumers. Which is why, we are happy to answer some of the usual queries our users may have.

Why Herb Island?
As we mentioned, Herb Island is a company that treasures nature and strives to achieve a harmonious balance between our needs and what the nature provides to us. We do not believe in Bestand (German for Stockpiling), we believe in creating fresh products in tune with nature’s melody. All our products are artfully handcrafted – not mass produced in big factories. Each product is formulated with careful skill and utmost care, with the best possible ingredients and without harmful chemicals. They’re good for you, and they’re good for the environment. Effortlessly Exquisite – Just Like Nature.

Read more about our journey on the About Us section.

Are Herb Island Products Sustainable?
Very much so. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products that are produced keeping in mind not only our consumers’ requirements, but also the preservation and zero exploitation of nature. We believe in sustainable harvesting to save nature’s majestic glory. Because nature creates the most beautiful things.

Are Herb Island Products Responsibly Sourced?
Yes! We make sure our ingredients are not sourced from irresponsible workplaces and unsafe or unfair trading sources. We are the against slave and unfair labor practices that blemish the industry. Our products are also Cruelty Free – they’re not tested on animals. We make sure all our vendors subscribe to our work philosophy. We are here to create, not destroy. Create something, good and special, which can be used by all.

Are Herb Island Products Handmade?
Our products are handmade – we design and develop our own products with passion and continuously better ourselves. Our manufacturing is not a job, its Art. We believe in Happy employees, and happier customers when they use our products. They’re all packaged in recyclable packaging.

Are Herb Island Products safe for me?
As a matter of fact, our products are much safer for you than a lot of other industry leading brands. That is because of our constant emphasis on the use of fresh and natural ingredients, and free from Harmful Chemicals like Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oils, Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde, Paraffin Wax etc. Products are 100% Vegetarian and Natural. At Herb Island, we believe in Healthy & Natural Living for our customers. We try to create the ultimate consumer experience so our patrons have the same affection for us as we have for them!

Will I like Herb Island Products?
Yes! We’re certain you will notice the freshness and difference in your experience when you use our products. All you have to do is order online, and prepare yourself to get the most personalized and luxurious treatment, with products specially formulated in the beautiful meadows of Australia, and experience the harmony with nature that each of our products stand for. Go ahead, Unfurl Serendipity – with each Herb.

Can I buy your products online? Can I buy them at the shop near me?
At Herb Island, we wish to provide the most relaxing experience for our consumers. So we offer you a huge variety of options to buy your favorite Herb Island Product, no matter where you are! Apart from our website, you can buy them at most major e-commerce websites, as well as niche e-retailers in Australia as well as India. You can also grab the products offline through our retail distribution partners in Gujarat.

What if I ordered something, but changed my mind?
At Herb Island, we endeavor to provide a carefree experience for our consumers. It is the philosophy that guides us to make refreshing, rich and natural products for our consumers. Gone are the days of worrying about damaging effects of cosmetics. In line with our philosophy, we offer return and cancellation options, which can be found on our Refund Policy Page.

Does your site use cookies? Is my data safe?
Herb Island treasures its online users, and we have high standards when it comes to internet safety. You can find out more in our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement.

I love Herb Island. How do I show my love?
We’re glad to hear that! You can show us your love by trying out our new products and giving us feedback on our email. We also love some PDA on Social Media – do give us a like on our Facebook page! You can also follow us on Instagram, our handle is @HerbIslandAus. Most importantly, do tell your friends about the Herb Island products that you like the most, and tell them how you’re a part of a more responsible world by being an Herb Island user!

How do I get in touch with you?
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