….and her tresses said!

What do you know about me? Sometimes, I wonder whether you feel fortunate to have me. Because if you had been then you would have taken care of my roots after your swimming classes. Because if you had been then you would have done something to alleviate my pain all those times when you see me all around your towel and your fancy minion comb.

But don’t worry if you haven’t. As it’s said it’s never too late. Nature is quite strong. It can take care of itself for a long time. But at one point of time it requires, well you can say “more help from nature”. Because I think what made me can only take care of me. Let’s start by analyzing what so wrong at the “roots” of the issue.

Let’s gets into the innermost layer of my strands, which scientists call “cortex”. They also said this is the part where all the strength of hair lies. But that’s it about science. There are some fruits that you can find in considerable dry parts of the world like India, Yemen, and China of like Ashwagandha and under the canopy of deciduous trees are Amla (fortunately, the same ingredients used in Ayurveda). Since ancient times, amla and Ashwagandha have remained the consummate options for scalp treatments. Former strives to reduce hair loss by increasing blood circulation and reducing indigestion. While the later control the cortisol, the hormone responsible for excessive hair fall, and helps in hair regrowth.

Well, I think you must have taken a sigh of relaxation after getting the knowledge. But if still the problems aren’t solved. Let us dive in deeper to recover me.

You think I don’t know anything. But I know how you tucked a pencil along my blonde strands while you read your biology textbooks during your exam. You went through a word called “keratin protein” once or twice. Yes, exactly that will help me become better. Keratin protein is present in the “cuticle” (middle layer). It along with the Medula (outer layer) looks after my elasticity, shape and color. Basically it checks upon how can you exactly flaunt me around. In the midst of Western Asia and South East Asia fruits like Shikakai and Ritha are grown which looks after the strength of even the kinky and wavy shapes which are prone to hair damage compared to the straight hair. It helps to increase the volume and makes me more manageable and luscious.

So the word that I will use now for your feelings is-satiated. Nature is the most valuable and precious gift. So make the most of this unconventional resource. Because I need it, love.