Raw Beauty


Australia is known for a lot of things. It is an island continent, it has Christmas in Summer, and it has a vast diversity of rich natural heritage. Some of the most unique animals and plants can be found here, which is why it isn’t much of a stretch to call it the Herb Island! Inspired by the lush vegetation of Australia, Herb Island brings you superfood that is also super healthy and all natural.

Our Credo

At Herb Island, we believe in borrowing from nature rather than looting it of all its richness. We don’t see ourselves simply as manufacturers, rather, we facilitate the transformation of nature’s creation into a slightly easier to consume form. To manufacture, would mean to create something that would be artificial. Our philosophy is that of poeisis – A Greek word that represents the idea of bringing forth – we only reveal the gift of nature, in an easy to use form. We work with nature, not against it, to bring you a product free from violence. Violence: neither against nature, nor against your body. Our products have the protective touch of Mother Nature – no Paraben, no SLS and no Formaldehyde.

We harvest our high quality, natural ingredients in a completely green and sustainable manner. Fresh extracts used in our products ensure super foods that are true to their elementary self – just as intended by nature. Our products are free from genetically modified and chemically enhanced ingredients. We also do not add any harmful fillers or synthetic bases like Petroleum based oils, which can be terrible to the human body in the long run. Just natural herbs and organic ingredients.

To ensure consistency of our offering, we ensure that all our suppliers of raw materials also share our philosophy. This leads to a high degree of quality right from the start, to the point when you get our product.

The Herb Island Assurance

When you buy an Herb Island product, you can put your mind at ease. Each of our products are free from the harmful, artificial ingredients and synthetic fillers that other industry leading products are plagued with. In fact, the US FDA has no definition for the use of the word “natural” for marketing.

In a 2015 survey, it was discovered that at least 50% people incorrectly believe that natural claims on labels have been independently verified. Rather, some of the products with a natural tag may have been produced with genetically modified organisms, hormones, pesticides, or artificial ingredients.

Unlike other brands that claim to promote natural products, but add only a small number of natural ingredients, we give you superfoods that are authentic in their natural essence. No Paraben, No SLS, No Formaldehyde, No artificial oils, No harmful synthetic chemicals. Just pure and natural bliss!

Further, our products are 100% Vegetarian – without animal fat or nutrients extracted through animal bones, skin and so on. This also means that our products are Cruelty Free – not just because we don’t cull plants and animals, but because we are against animal testing. In line with our worldview, our products are Eco-friendly – as we believe in being a responsible business and play our part in protecting the environment. Our future must be sustainable, and that is exactly how we do it!

Superfoods – What Makes Them Super?

For all of us here at Herb Island, words like research, innovation and development actually stand for something. We constantly try to make sure we keep evolving our products and make them safer and more sustainable, which is the need of the hour. Our approach towards lifestyle is holistic. We go beyond superficial cosmetics, and also develop products that are important for a healthy body. Our superfoods aim to fights prevalent issues like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Care, Joint Care, and Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency. These superfoods are meant to be taken as part of a healthy diet & wellness regime, so as to enhance the benefits you get out of them.

Why the Focus on Wellness?

In the race to look good, we forget to feel good! As the world moves towards a highly superficial interaction, where social acceptance is often based on a left-or-right swipe on social media apps, numerous people want to look their best – be it in their profile picture or in those pictures that-club-they-went-to posted. As a result, an unhealthy set of behaviors has taken over – with a huge percentage of people (especially teens) using unhealthy drugs and performance enhancers, smoking and developing eating disorders. Cheap, mass produced cosmetics damage the skin and harm the person from the outside, while dangerous chemicals and pseudo-natural products destroy a person internally. It’s a dangerous situation we’re headed towards.

Remember, a healthy body enables a healthy mind. Together, they make a person exuberate confidence, and look good naturally. Herb Island superfoods aim to promote just that. They’re designed keeping in mind this idea and work towards making you a healthier human being. Superfoods for super skin and a super body!